High Doggie Diner: Raised Dog Feeders made by Northern California woodworkers in Fort Bragg, California

High Doggie Diner is not taking orders at this time.

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Raised Dog Feeders

High Doggie Diners are made by Northern California woodworkers and graduates of the world-famous Fine Woodworking Program of the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, California.

High Doggie Diners combine our commitment to fine craftsmanship and to the health of dogs and cats.


Elevated High Doggie Diners can both help your pet digest his/her food better and ease stress on neck and leg joints by bringing the food and water bowls closer to their heads (see sizing). As an added advantage, High Doggie Diners eliminate the nuisance of your dog pushing the "loose" bowls around the floor.

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High Doggie Diner    15168 Caspar Road, Box 14    Caspar, CA 95420

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